What People Have Said…

I am grateful to the following people for their kind words describing our work together

“Ruth has a profound sensitivity which creates a totally supportive and nurturing environment in which I have felt able to begin to experience what it is to be me. I have been able to see the path that I need to be on and step by step, begin walking on it.” Roseanna

“Ruth is definitely on my pedestal! Best coach ever..” Alison Moncrieff (CTI Coach)

“I have found Ruth to be a talented and compassionate coach, kind and patient. She helped me find my true self and the power within me to create a better and more fulfilling life. She distils the knowledge from the Co-active coaching model with her other previous experience and her intuition is spot-on; she held a metaphorical mirror up so that I could find my own answers.” Judy

“Ruth has a calm and gentle but assured manner  in her coaching style, and brings wisdom and understanding that only comes with life experience. I would not hesitate to recommend her.” Martin

“Ruth was a truly motivating Coach to me: I was stuck, not knowing how to develop my career and through a series of visualisation techniques, Ruth talked me through my rut until I found I had the answer – and the motivation – to move forward with the next step in my career.” Anita

“Ruth holds an exceptionally beautiful and safe space for people to relax and touch base with their deepest fears and core issues, and then find ways of turning these into real and practical solutions. Her gentle but powerful energy really helps to inspire you to act on what you discover under her guidance, knowing that it will be for your highest good and for those that you love. Ruth is able to do this because of the insights she has gained through her own personal journey and it is this authenticity that makes Ruth such an effective and successful life coach. I highly recommend her services to anyone willing to take the next step to living a happier and healthier life.” Marion Young Senior Journey Practitioner, Group Leader Trainer and Spiritual Mentor.

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